Furrow Euro Cyclocross is back in 2018!

For the first time, Furrow Euro cyclocross will be split from the running event, on a dedicated bike-only date: Saturday December 8, 2018. Register here:


This will be the final race of the HICX cyclocross series, replacing the venerable Miller Chill on our calendar. RIP Miller Chill, but long live HICX!



3 thoughts on “Furrow Euro Cyclocross is back in 2018!

  1. Rick, My daughters ran the XC race yesterday and had a great time. I’m interested in the CX race on the 8th. But, this would be my first CX race. What is the distance? Is there an experience level requirement? Hopefully I don’t have to be part of the HICX series? Thanks.


    1. Hi Todd, anyone can enter the bike races! There is a category 5 race where beginners will compete. Races are by time rather than distance – you’ll do as many laps as possible during your race’s time limit. You’ll need a helmet but otherwise special equipment is not necessary. Many people ride mountain bikes (bar ends not allowed). Spectating and friendly heckling are encouraged, too. Sound good?


      1. Thanks, I think I’m going to give it a try!


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