Race Info

The races will be held at Furrow Farm just north of El Paso IL on Route 251.

Take US 251 North 1.5 miles from US 24 in El Paso. Turn left onto a gravel driveway after the church parking lot, but before the bridge. If you get to the cemetery you’ve gone too far. Or just use Google Maps:

1149 State Route 251
El Paso, IL 61738

13 thoughts on “Race Info

  1. This race sounds great! any chance you can include Bushwhacker CX on your Links? Our race is October 27 at Bradley Park in Peoria. I have attached the web address.


  2. is the juniors race free?


    1. At this point it is the same price as the other races. But I’ll email the RD and get a final word on discounting for Juniors.


      1. OK, this has been corrected. Juniors ride for free! One stipulation: we better see $30 worth of mud, sweat, and tears (but no beers) on your jersey.


  3. Is there race day registration available?


    1. Yes, just be sure to get there a bit early.


  4. Will we be running through water? If so, how high?


    1. Yes, the run course crosses the creek in three places. The depth varies at each crossing and depends on rainfall but traditionally it is ankle deep at most.


  5. How many spots are still open for cat 4/5??


    1. There are plenty of spots right now. You should be able to register up til race day for 4/5’s. Thanks!


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